The following is a list of all of my favorite bands and songs for you to check out.
I sincerely hope you find something here that speaks to you as much as they all do to me...

I will try to keep this updated so you can follow me on my musical adventures...

"Born to please every single need,
I stand alone in my thoughts indeed..."

"My love is not enought to save save me..."

"Words are strange to me..."

"This world, this world
It's not our home..."

"I dream, I dream..."

No words, just sounds :)

"But I just dont accept this..."

"Such a shame
I think I kind of lost myself again..."

"At least now I least now I know..."

"I could possibly be fading,
Or have something more to gain,
I could feel myself growing colder,
I could feel myself under your fate..."

"He's got no peace, Breath deep in the shade..."

"And we can make love, and we can go..."

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1992-Somewhere Else